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Best Features to Consider When You Buy a Flashlight

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Best Features to Consider When You Buy a Flashlight

A Flashlight may seem mundane but is essentially one of the most important devices you need to have in case of an emergency. Flashlights are required almost everywhere, right from homes to outdoor campings and adventure. Having a reliable and powerful flashlight comes in handy when you are in a precarious situation. However, Flashlights these days have advanced a great bit from their yesteryear counterparts. We have come a long way from incandescent bulb flashlights. LED flashlights are in rage and rightly so, they offer better lighting, longer durability and are more energy efficient than their counterpart. Therefore, it is important for consumers to select and buy the right flashlight according to their individual requirement. In this article we will discuss some of the common yet important factors one should consider while buying a flashlight. 

1. Light Output - Lumens


The intensity of light is measured in Lumens. The more Lumens there are the brighter will be the light output. For instance, a Flashlight with 1000 Lumens will be much brighter than say a flashlight with 500 Lumens. Lumens are very important when it comes to buying flashlights. For a normal household flashlight lesser Lumens will work but when you consider Flashlights for outdoor camping, adventure, as a backup light for your automobile or as a tactical tool if you are in law and order (search and rescue et al), a High Lumen flashlight is generally recommended. 

2. Battery Type


There are three common Flashlight battery types - Disposable Batteries (AA/AAA Batteries), Rechargeable Batteries (Lithium-ion) and Renewable Batteries (Solar or Crank). Most high performance flashlights use powerful Lithium Ion batteries that can be recharged either within the flashlight or separately using a battery charger. While non-rechargeable, disposable batteries are perfect for those who need the flashlight occasionally, say for a particular trip. Rechargeable batteries are preferred by those who have a more regular use of the flashlight, like in everyday operation. Rechargeable batteries minimize eco-waste and also help save big on energy. Most avid users prefer rechargeable battery like 18650 battery for energy efficiency and reliability. 

3. Durability & Build


If you are using a flashlight outdoors most definitely the situation is unplanned. Sometimes the terrain is difficult and the climate is unforgiving. Having a lightweight yet rugged flashlight in these situations can just about save your day. Flashlights made from lightweight yet durable material and those that come with an IPX rating last longer than other flashlights and are perfect for carrying while on the move. If you are a law professional, an adventure lover or simply someone whose job involves outdoor travels, a rugged, durable and reliable Flashlight will always come in handy. 

4. Modes

Today’s flashlights come with different light modes that can be used in different situations. You have to select a flashlight that offers these modes for better utilization of the device. Light modes available in flashlights include modes such as Full, Semi, Low, Strobe Mode, SOS Mode, Zoom and Focus mode. You can use these modes according to your particular situation. 

Now that we have covered the common yet important factors that you should consider while buying a flashlight, let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions related to buying the perfect flashlight.

Which is the longest-lasting rechargeable flashlight?


Different flashlights have different output times. Flashlights with a large capacity battery, generally 18650 batteries last longer than most disposable non-rechargeable batteries. However, the usage and mode of usage also play a crucial factor in determining how long will your flashlight last in a single charge. If you are using Full beam, Strobe or Zoom constantly, chances are your flashlight will drain the battery faster. 

What should I look for when buying a flashlight?

As discussed above in the article, you need to consider four factors when buying a Flashlight. These are - 

  1. Light Output - Higher The Lumens Brighter the Flashlight
  2. Battery Type - Rechargeable 18650 Battery, Non-rechargeable Disposable Battery
  3. Durability & Build - Lightweight, Rugged, Durable with IP Certified Water Resistance.
  4. Light Modes - Full, Semi, Low, Strobe, SOS, Zoom & Focus Mode

What is the best flashlight I can buy?

There are a plethora of Flashlight brands in the market today. However, you need to practice your own diligence while purchasing one. Pivoi is a popular consumer electronic brand that sells high-quality powerful flashlights with different lumen options, mode options and are built sturdily. Pivoi flashlights are perfect for household use as well as for outdoor tactile usage.
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